3 Ways You Can Promote Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a hot button topic, but not everyone knows what it really means. According to The Balance Small Business, environmental sustainability means ensuring that there are enough resources to share among everyone on the planet, including future generations. Since earth's resources are finite, this means finding ways to manage those resources wisely. Although saving the earth can seem like a daunting task, the small choices you make everyday can make a big difference.

Three Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Mind

When the spring season arrives, many people kick into their spring cleaning traditions, whether that be cleaning out all the closets in the home, cleaning the windows, or cleaning the house completely inside and out along with giving away tons of donations. However, many people don't realize the importance of taking the time to clear and refresh their minds at this time. The benefit of doing this during this time of year is because the stress of the holiday season is over and the weather is becoming clearer, meaning more time outside and less time stuck indoors with gloomy weather.

Ask These Questions Before Assuming Something Is Wrong

Parents really don't stop worrying about their children, especially when the kids finally go off to college or try to get their first full-time job. These changes in the now-adult children's lives can bring about changes in personality, but sometimes the changes can seem drastic. Your first instinct as a parent might be to assume something is very wrong, but everything could be fine. Rather than assume counseling is needed, see what's happening regarding these three questions, and then see if maybe life coaching is a better idea.